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Decooda Launches CX I.Q.® Platform To Reveal The Exact ‘What’ And ‘Why’ Behind Movements In NPS® (Net Promoter Score) And Csat Metrics

New Cloud-Based Software Solution Utilizes Emotions And Cognitive States Derived To Provide Clear Picture Of What Customers Care About Most

Atlanta, GA (July 19, 2017) – Decooda International, Inc., an industry leader in turning an understanding of customer emotions and state-of-mind into real-time, actionable insights, today announced its new Customer Experience Imaginative Question (CX I.Q.) platform, a cloud-based software solution that reveals the exact “what and why” behind customer behavior that NPS and CSAT (customer satisfaction) metrics alone do not provide.  Businesses can now understand the specific aspects of their product or service that most significantly influence their customers’ behavior.  As a part of today’s announcement, the company is also launching the Decooda Cognitive Intelligence Machine, an advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) engine that powers CX I.Q. insights.

“Traditional survey techniques are dying a slow but sure death.  Response rates and completion rates continue to fall, and surveys are unengaging and far too long.  Further, 5-star ratings or 0 – 10 rating scales alone do not yield actionable insights.  So, we took a page out of Steve Jobs’ book and we have beaten CX with a simple stick,” said David Johnson, CEO of Decooda.  “We simplified the customer feedback process for businesses by adding one open-ended Imaginative Question to the rating question.  Now, end-customers will be able to provide all of their feedback by answering two simple questions, creating a much more contemporary and engaging feedback experience that yields far better insights, and empowers businesses to take action with significantly greater confidence.”

Decooda’s CX I.Q. Cloud Platform

Decooda makes customer experience scoring more personal and useful by complementing 5-star ratings or 0 – 10 rating scales questions with a single, unique Imaginative Question that allows customers to communicate with the brand authentically and on their terms.

  • Decooda’s Cognitive Intelligence Machine leverages machine learning, deep learning and AI to analyze all text-based voice-of-the-customer data from across all channels in real-time to detect customer experience sentiment, emotions and cognitive states.
  • Decooda Impact Analysis is a streaming algorithm running in the Cognitive Intelligence Machine that automatically links sentiment, emotions and cognitive states with topics, in order to uniquely distinguish between what customers talk about most and what truly impacts their behavior, providing businesses with the empirical evidence related to customer experience that inspires all levels of the organization to lean-in and embrace a culture of customer advocacy.
  • Decooda Imaginative Question is a single open-ended question that reveals what matters most to a business’ customers. Companies can now understand what they’re doing right, what they’re doing wrong, if the customer will buy again, or if customers are taking their business to a competitor. Using CX I.Q., businesses can quickly identify valuable, specific opportunities to enhance their product or service that are derived from the unfiltered voice of the customer and empirically validated.
  • Decooda Chat-based Collaboration and Case Management orchestrates how individuals and teams react and respond to customer feedback with automated Chat-Based Collaboration, Triage, and Case Management tools. Embedded in our chat-based solutions is an auditing, compliance, and governance engine that automatically tracks and reports on businesses CX performance across all end-customer touch-points.

Decooda’s new CX I.Q. Platform is a comprehensive solution that collects customer data, runs automated analytics, presents visualization dashboards, and enables stakeholder collaboration and case management.  While the solution is sophisticated, it’s simple to use and has a near-zero implementation time so all businesses can become a CX-driven company in record time.

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About Decooda International, Inc.

Decooda is a rapidly evolving cognitive intelligence company that focuses on turning an understanding of customer emotions and state-of-mind into actionable insights.  Our mission is to help businesses to identify customer insights and behaviors that can be used to optimize customer experience performance, customer targeting and real-time engagement. We achieve our goals by leveraging our Cognitive Intelligence Machine that is based on a combination of cutting edge linguistic-cognitive analytics, machine learning, deep learning and AI approaches to create creative applications like CX I.Q.




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