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Decooda And TechSophy Form A Financial And Strategic Relationship

Atlanta, GA (July 19, 2017) – Decooda International, Inc., an industry leader in turning an understanding of customer emotions and state-of-mind into real-time, actionable insights, today announced it has closed its Series A Round with TechSophy Inc.Decooda focuses on helping businesses analyze customer feedback to identify the exact “what & why” behind movements in NPS® (Net Promoter Score) and CSAT (customer satisfaction) metrics by leveraging the Decooda Cognitive Intelligence Machine.  The Machine is based on a combination of cutting edge linguistic-cognitive analytics, machine learning, deep learning and AI approaches and is instrumental in creating applications like CX I.Q.®“We are delighted to be partnering with a company with such tremendous potential at an early stage,” stated Varma PSK, CEO of TechSophy. “We are looking forward to all they can accomplish and validating our strong belief that AI and cognitive analytics is a space that will yield long term results for both organizations. TechSophy will continue to invest in this space going forward.”

TechSophy’s Series A investment in Decooda is structured as both strategic and finan­cial. Decooda will benefit from access to TechSophy’s skills and resources in the space of BPM, analytics, and social media product offerings, and TechSophy will benefit from leveraging Decooda’s innovative, Cognitive Intelligence Machine as an embedded solution in TechSophy’s Social Media Product offerings.

“The relationship that our Series A investment from TechSophy creates is truly symbi­otic,” stated David Johnson, CEO of Decooda. “In addition to accessing each other’s skills, resources, and teams, we will collaborate to deliver managed analytics services to the customer experience market focused on delivering predictive analytics and artificial intelligence insights and services.”

About Decooda International, Inc.

Decooda is a rapidly evolving cognitive intelligence company that focuses on turning an understanding of customer emotions and state-of-mind into actionable insights.  Our mission is to help businesses to identify customer insights and behaviors that can be used to optimize customer experience performance, customer targeting and real-time engagement. We achieve our goals by leveraging our Cognitive Intelligence Machine that is based on a combination of cutting edge linguistic-cognitive analytics, machine learning, deep learning and AI approaches to create creative applications like CX I.Q.

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About TechSophy Inc.

Driven by Passion for Excellence, TechSophy enables enterprise agility in several ways: Business Process, Emerging Technologies, Social, and Digital offerings. TechSophy a specialized solutions delivery company with rich expertise across market leading BPM platforms, Analytics, with a special expertise on various emerging technologies. Tech­Sophy builds futuristic mobile and web applications/solutions around BPM, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Big Data, Predictive analytics, and cloud technologies. Primary aim of TechSophy has been to strengthen Business-IT collaboration to accelerate time-to-market and bring down the total cost of ownership to its customers. Apart from these TechSophy offer Digital Media Services, including strategy, digital marketing, app de­velopment, social listening and analytics, to keep customers ahead of their competition in the digital age. Learn More About TechSophy.



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