Managed Data Pipeline

90% of working with data is getting it into the right place in the right format. It’s hard and no one likes to do it. That’s why companies pay contractors to do expensive, never-ending projects.

Decooda will build a robust, scalable data pipeline that creates your Most Valuable Data Asset.

We will get to End of Job in a finite period of time and for a fixed fee. Plus, we guarantee it will be at least 25% less than you are paying now.

When we are done, you decide if you run it or if you’ve got it.

The bottom line is that we improve your bottom line.

Ask Us How

Data Integration and Data Warehouse projects are Time and Money sinks.
The Failure Rate is high, and they never seem to get to End of Job.
Run-away projects are great for contractors and bad for you.

30% - 60 % of warehouse cost is data integration.
This is where you save money.

START WITH THE END: Define the Schema that supports the decisions and applications the business relies on.

Define an architecture that will handle speed and volume before you have speed and volume.

Wrangle, Clean, and Transform the data before it gets into the warehouse.

Beholden to no one. Including us.

If it works, keep it. We will work with it.

Finish each step completely so that you don’t have to keep fixing it. Not just done – ”done done.” Then write that down.

Design it right. Build it once. Benefit forever.

Decooda will give you:

  • One Pipeline to manage all data.
  • Connected to your data sources.
  • Mapped to a common data model.
  • Creating the Most Valuable Data Asset – your single source of trust for all applications and reports.
  • (optional) Manage that Pipeline and provide Proactive & Reactive support.

We handle the data. You run the business.
We will do our part better, faster, and cheaper

Schedule your complimentary Data Pipeline Planning and Roadmap session with our expert team today! We can help in your deployment and contingency planning. If there’s one thing this past year has taught us, business agility is of paramount importance.

This service includes:

  • Alignment prep session.
  • Guidance on our proven Snowflake based solution.
  • 2-hour walk-through for your organization with our architects focused on best practices on creating an instant-on structured and unstructured data analytics warehouse.

There is no obligation for this service. We hope if we do a great job up-front, you may decide to leverage us to build a better data pipeline.

Design it right.
Build it once.
Benefit forever.