The Who of Things

Technology-to-Value Architect, Product Visionary, CEO

David Johnson

David’s superpower is his uncanny ability to connect the dots and see what’s around the corner before others.

David’s superpower is his uncanny ability to connect the dots and see what’s around the corner before others. This ability inspires his inventions and innovations. David has always exhibited an insatiable appetite for new knowledge, infectious optimism, and a relentless focus on quality with speed. These characteristics have attracted the best inter-disciplinary architects, linguists, psychologists, AI engineers and development engineers to Decooda. David is proud that the team has mastered the tech, language, algorithms, and interfaces that make disrupting markets not only possible, but real. After an MIS degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, David steadily climbed the sales ladder at several tech and digital marketing firms (including IBM), culminating in $300 million of sales attribution. He credits that success to focusing on big problems that matter and ‘understanding the causes of value destruction in order to deliver on the promise of value realization.’ A shared laser focus on solving big problems that create big value is what inspired David and Charlie to come together to launch Decooda in 2010 (yes, in David’s basement).
Maker of Things That Work Fast, Tech Visionary, CTO

Charles Wardell

Charlie has tackled some of the world’s messiest and most intractable problems by designing and implementing world-class BI platforms.

Charlie has tackled some of the world’s messiest and most intractable problems by designing and implementing world-class BI platforms. He and his teams have created and successfully introduced one of the world’s most powerful cloud and edge-based analytics engines ever (the Decooda CORE) based on MPP (massively parallel processing), grid computing, ML (machine learning), and AI (artificial intelligence). The fact is, Charlie is one of the best big data platform architects in the world. His superpower is weaving hardware, software, and database technologies into cutting-edge, high-performance solutions that provide insights at the scale and speed modern businesses require. Charlie’s perspective on tech enables him to see around corners well in advance. That ability, combined with David’s vision make the duo an amazing team. If intellectual curiosity was a degree, Charlie would have a PhD. His learning is always intensive, and it continues to this day. His theoretical knowledge and hands-on skills go deep, not in one discipline, but three: hardware, software and database technology. Ready to tackle anything in his lab, from a customized FPGA, to building the fastest big data platform, or designing a new application that integrates symbolic and connectedness AI, there seems to be nothing he can’t do. His secret? Being a natural systems thinker. Every problem gets his full attention, without bias, so he can always zero in on the best solution and not restrict himself or his team to the tools they already know. These reasons are what make Charlie one of the best architects on the planet, maybe the solar system.

Board of Directors

David Johnson

Experienced sales leader that has generated $300+ Million in new business acquisition across the Fortune 500 and SMB market segments. Visionary entrepreneur that is relentless in his pursuit of revealing the whole story behind big data. Advocate for an interdisciplinary data science approach that connects human thoughts, feelings and behaviors communicated across all mediums in real-time in order to understand the “real” drivers of behavior.

Christopher K. Hill

Chris Hill has spent 20+ years working in sales, marketing, product and business development, and senior management positions at leading global technology companies. Mr. Hill is the President of Tsunami AR/VR, the leader in applied enterprise Virtual and Augmented Reality solutions, prior to that he was the President of OpenPeak, a provider of white label cybersecurity solutions for enterprise mobility management. Mr. Hill also spent 16 years with AT&T where he served as the Senior Vice President of Advanced Solutions, a new business unit he founded and grew to over $1B in annual sales during his tenure. He is a graduate of University of Virginia with a BA in economics and completed the General Management Program at Harvard Business School.

Varma PSK

Passionate about building startups and supporting them through their initial stages and help investors and entrepreneurs with valuations, fundraising and execution. He has formidable experience in managing R&D teams, running delivery organizations, providing strategic direction for companies, identifying market gaps and coming up with innovative solutions.

Val Rahamni

Thirty years of experience in general management in the technology industry, from start-up CEO to multi-billion dollar businesses. Popular public speaker from international conferences to leading business schools. Born in the UK, moved to the US in 2001 as part of Lou Gerstner’s team as CEO of IBM.

Randy Salisbury

More than twenty-five years of experience helping start-ups and early stage companies accelerate growth and enhance enterprise value via branding, positioning, client retention, communications and investor relations.

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