Data can be your most valuable resource. It can inform marketing decisions, substantiate spend, help shape engagement strategies and more. But can you rely on your data? Are you sure you’re getting the unbiased truth? The Decooda platform automates the process and utilizes the most advanced cognitive linguistics in the world to deliver the whole story of the data. We’ll help you gain transparency and empower you to make more informed decisions. With Decooda you can:


  • Get answers to any question you may have with the press of a button.
  • Gain total transparency and therefore enjoy more confident play calling.
  • Defend yourself, attack your competition and win in the market.
  • Substantiate spend with hard facts.
"With Decooda I feel more confident that I am listening to the true unfiltered voice of the customer…"
Leading Global CPG Firm

Eliminate the guessing by understanding what influences consumer behavior...and engage with certainty

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Market Intelligence

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Unfiltered Voice of Customer

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