There’s an ocean of big data out there. Only with Decooda’s big data convergence platform and cognitive text analytics engine, in conjunction with other modeling techniques will you be able to deliver the insights you need. The Decooda platform can be quickly and effortlessly adapted to answer virtually any question. You can increase your effectiveness and the quality of your work with fewer resources and in a fraction of the time. With Decooda you can:


  • Provide better insights than the competition, understand how consumers think, feel and act about your product, experience or brand
  • Keep your finger on the pulse of the market in real-time
  • The platform also dynamically adapts to every user role in your organization, so everyone has exactly what they need to do their job
  • Discover almost anything using our cognitive analytics engine
  • Analyze unlimited volumes of structured and unstructured data including: social media feeds, CRM, call center dialogues, surveys, panel discussions, focus group dialogues, chat dialogues and other transactional data
"Decooda does things better, faster and cheaper…and they have opened our eyes to new and innovative ways to question the status quo…"
Leading Global CPG Firm

Insights across all data at warp-speed

Marketing Performance

Social Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence

Sentiment Analysis

Emotion Intelligence

Cognitive State Intelligence

Persona Intelligence

Motivation Intelligence

Influence Intelligence

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