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CX Workout ™

Catalyze your customer experience with CX Workout.

Imagine your customers as ethnographic researchers sharing video and image files, ratings and comments that bring their experience to life. Speed up your path to insights by rapidly developing accurate journey maps with preconfigured industry templates and best practices.


CX Workout reduces the time required to isolate and validate targeted improvement opportunities.


CX Workout brings the customer journey to life through videos, photos, comments and ratings, all seamlessly captured and shared by your customers without needing to download a mobile app first.

Return on investment

CX Workout delivers a greater return from your investment in both platforms by providing the best of both worlds: the leading qualitative research platform from CX Workout with the world’s leading quantitative CX management solution from Qualtrics.

Learn why CX Workout was ranked as a Leader in Forrester's Customer Journey Mapping Platform Evaluation

Quickly and easily create mobile friendly Missions (surveys) from your CX Workout journey map and distribute them through tracked emails or anonymous URLs with a convenient short code.

Qualtrics XM Integration

CX Workout complements Qualtrics by providing our award-winning journey management solution, now fully integrated with the CustomerXM platform.

CX Workout redefines the concept of Experience Design, Service Blueprinting and Journey Mapping truly enabling customer co-creation resulting in actionable innovation.

Ed Boudrot, Senior Vice President, Optum

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