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CX I.Q.™

The future of how to measure, predict and personalize the experience of your customers is here.

While most CX solutions still rely on customer satisfaction or NPS surveys, basic text analytics and statistical driver models using a narrow set of data that may or may not accurately reflect the customer’s true state of mind, CX I.Q. does so much more.

Reduces survey fatigue

and captures greater detail into the customer experience with Decooda’s Imaginative Question.

Aggregates and verifies data

from all customer touchpoints, including survey responses, social, online, and mobile digital interactions.

Analyzes data

using Decooda proprietary CORE AI text-analytics algorithms that are based on cognitive psychology, deep learning and AI.

Detects the different meanings of words

and statements from different sources (social media, blogs, earnings reports, notes from call center staff, etc.) These valuable nuances let us reveal customer emotions and cognitive states, so we can predict behavior and uncover the “Why of things.”

Data Ingestion, Integration and Unification

How It All Works

Go Beyond Basic with Decooda CX I.Q.

Go beyond simply collecting survey data to getting a more accurate and comprehensive view into the customer experience

CX I.Q. improves your likelihood of more survey completions by using our innovative Imaginative Question technique leveraging video, audio or text. We can stream data from reviews, social media and literally any other data source your brand has with your customers.

Go beyond statistical models that generate more questions than insight

Each of us are a complex mixture of emotions. cognitive states and beliefs. To think that the answer to any single question would be a complete indicator of a person’s level of loyalty to a brand is at best naive and at worst foolish. However, most Loyalty Driver models derive their entire priority setting models based on this idea. CX I.Q.’s Impact Analysis takes a fundamentally different approach. Decooda CORE provides a very specific list of priorities for improvement that explains the “Why of things” behind customer behavior and what you can do about It.

Go beyond case management to create a real-time channel 'swarming' to solve the root causes of customer issues

CX I.Q. allows you to seamlessly automate Task Channels based on the results of the Impact Analysis and set into motion the right people and teams to naturally “swarm” to close the gaps around specific issues that are creating detractor-inducing experiences. You can visualize the steps, delays, nodes and roles that either help complete tasks efficiently or slow them down so the internal barriers to better performance are visible for quick resolution. As a result, we solve both the customers’ issue and constantly improve the organization’s agility in solving it.

Go beyond closed-loop management to predicting and preventing bad customer experiences and resolving them before they happen

CX I.Q. allows you to understand your customers’ cognitive state at many touchpoints across their experience with your brand, so you can take action before they have a bad experience. CX I.Q. provides you with a platform for connecting with customers via digital bots or outbound agent-based, bot-enabled outreach alerts to optimize your customers’ experience in real-time.

CX I.Q. Has All the Tools You Need



Beyond the standard filtering by region or product, CX I.Q. is different in virtually every other way. View NPS trend over time; the result of our Impact Analysis and filter by Emotion, Persona, Purchase Path or Purchase Intent. View Sentiment, Positive or Negative Emotion by date, and more.


Our entire Candid™ Survey Platform is embedded inside CX I.Q. to provide you with a full featured survey tool for creating both standard surveys and Imaginative Questions.

Real-Time Posts by Competitor

Watch real-time post streams of comments from a variety of sources and all associated classifiers tagged to those topics. Select which Sources or Classifiers to include by checking just a few boxes.

Topic Trending, Comparison and Analysis

Compare positive or negative Topics by Volume or Impact – this period versus previous periods to identify changes in your performance. View specific Topics or Topic Groups and how they are trending over time and drill down on any topic to see the detailed contribution of each element run through our algorithm.

Triage Channels

Everything about Decooda CX I.Q. is designed to help you act quickly, including our automated, rules-based Chat-Based Triage and Case Management. It automatically opens Task Channels for every case that needs investigation. To avoid unnecessary manual entries, our auditing, compliance and governance engine automatically tracks and reports on all aspects of the triage and disposition process.

Drag and Drop Cross Tab Reporting

Drop and drag Emotions, Topics and other Classifiers to view the relationship between variables.


Create open or private team conversations, depending on your needs. Dynamically open a communication Task Channel to discuss any topic related to customer experience or operational performance.

The Experience
CX I.Q. Delivers

Increase the detail and accuracy of respondents with the Imaginative Question.

Understand the “Why of Things” behind customer behavior with Decooda’s CORE Cognitive Intelligence Machine.

Separate what people say from how they really feel to understand those outward-facing behaviors and practices creating detractors and churn.

Collaborate across the enterprise to efficiently act on customer-generated issues and apply precise network analysis tools to understand the efficiency and effectiveness of organization processes.

Every customer’s state of mind in real-time with Decooda