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CX Connect

The CX Community where thought leaders do more than talk. Because CX is the ultimate team sport.

This is a true thought leader content hub. One location where the best thinkers – and the most successful practitioners – create, host, curate, and publish news and relevant content from across the web.

It educates broadly and deeply.

Readers learn the latest strategic and tactical methodologies and playbooks. Not just in traditional CX, but across all CX-associated sub-communities.

It supports 1:1 conversation.

A lot of times, companies have questions that are too sensitive to air on a public forum. So, Connect has a Refined Search feature that lets you have valuable 1:1 private conversations with the experts who are most qualified to help you.

It energizes collaboration.

Thought leaders tend to specialize in a particular area. So, it’s not always easy for one single expert to answer every question a client might ask. That’s why we designed Connect to help experts collaborate to address broader client requirements. You can work together in a public or private space. And create virtual teams for strategizing, problem solving and engagement.

It encourages invention.

Connect promotes ideas that resonate with the needs that the CX community has prioritized.

With all this going on, the CX community just got a lot larger.

And we can work together more closely.

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