There’s an ocean of available data out there. The challenge is to use it wisely to reveal valuable insights about your customers that will pay off on your bottom line.

The Decooda platform stands out above all others by allowing you to analyze all types of data (structured and unstructured) with the ability to ask and answer virtually any question. Deployments can easily be adapted to your unique needs. The result is richer, more accurate and actionable data that can help you understand how consumers act, feel and think about your brand, experience or product.

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Marketing teams are now expected to implement plans faster than ever before, on smaller budgets with more effectiveness. On the customer front, seismic shifts are taking place in customer learn, shop and buy behaviors. How do you meet the growing demands while the market continually evolves? The Decooda platform can provide accurate, actionable insights through a holistic approach to understanding the whole story of the data. Specifically, our approach helps you to understand what people are thinking, their heart is feeling and what they are truly trying to tell you. Then, you can shape your marketing efforts to match true human behavior.

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Companies no longer completely control the fate of their brand – conversations occur in the social space that shape reputation and inform customers, prospects and influencers. It has never been more important to understand how to truly engage with your audiences and connect them to your brand. The question is figuring out how with so many fragmented channels of communication. With the power of Decooda’s platform, you can reveal the thoughts, feelings and behaviors found in all sources of data as well as the straight up numbers. This information provides a 360 degree view of the voice of the customer and can help you best engage with people - individually.

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