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A better way to gather feedback and data.
And then put it to work.

Companies and brands need to know more than what their customers have said. They need to dig deep enough to know why they said what they did, how they actually feel, how those feelings will drive their actions, and most importantly, what to do about it.


Instead of starting with a series of questions that come from the mind of the researcher, start by learning what’s in the mind of your respondents. When we conduct a survey, we don’t presume what’s in your customers’ heads. Instead of putting our thumb on the scales, we let the data speak for itself.


Enjoy frictionless, vertically integrated data collection, insights and engagement. Including advanced scoring. Holistic feedback from every source, every channel. Integrated into one 360° view that you can use to drive your experience management initiatives.


At Decooda, we think you shouldn’t pay to capture data because the real value is in how you analyze the data and act on it. We understand that our new approach to capturing data (The Imaginative Question) is so radically different that it feels like a big leap. So, we’ve taken away the financial risk of trying our approach. When you reallocate your dollars from asking questions to analyzing answers, you’ll spend less and get more value than ever before.

You Can Choose the Best Way to Use CANDID

You can continue to do surveys the way you’ve always done them by using Candid as a standalone tool to ask any group of respondents whatever questions you like. It has many of the same capabilities as other DIY tools, and the results are exportable to any analysis platform.

Integrate with our cross-tab analysis engine that enables you to examine relationships within the data that might not be readily apparent when analyzing total survey responses. That’s free, too.

Use Candid as a bridge to experience the benefits of our Imaginative Questioning survey technique. CORE uses proprietary algorithms to analyze the responses to our Imaginative Question. One of its key benefits is our ability to separate the frequency of comments from the comments that have the greatest impact. CORE analyzes survey responses to reveal emotions, cognitive states, and states of mind on a full spectrum of topics.

To get maximum value from the questions you ask with Candid, you can upgrade to Decooda CX IQ. CX IQ can help you ask Imaginative Questions across all stages of the customer journey. This is a new, compelling technique to capture feedback that yields much deeper, and more insightful answers. With the Imaginative Question (IQ) we’ll help you migrate from the traditional way of capturing feedback, to a more valuable way to engage with your respondents.

CANDID Has All the Tools You Need


Cross Tabs

enables you to examine relationships within the data that might not be readily apparent when analyzing total survey responses.


allows you to repeat previously collected data later in the survey


export your reports to any analysis platform

Skip/Disqualify Logic

customize your survey for each respondent based on their responses, saving them time and you bad data

Styling Tools

use our standard templates or create your own customized look with easy-to-use style tools to create the look and feel you want for your survey


jump start your survey with our most common survey type templates – you can modify the templates, too

Every customer’s state of mind in real-time with Decooda