Three Root Causes and Their Solutions.

At Decooda, we believe that underperforming CX programs have three distinct root causes:

1) Lack of Strategic and Structural Alignment

2) Misunderstanding the True Voice of Customers and Employees

3) Little connection between the Employee Experience and Customer Experience.

For example, why do businesses still support siloes between Customer Experience (CX), Data, Digital, Employee Experience (EX), Enterprise Technology, Human Resources, and Marketing? And why would anyone still use outdated CX/EX metrics and long, boring surveys that rarely drive actionable insights? And why assume that employees will buy into CX initiatives without having a broader understanding of CX strategy and goals?

Strategy and Structure: Together at Last. 

As our clients have learned, strategy drives structure. If CX is a top priority for all organizations, why are more organizations not structured around this imperative? To compete effectively, it takes full alignment between CX, EX, User Experience (UX), Data, IT, Marketing, and Systems. To have a unified view of customers, these functions must be aligned and housed in the same division with equal representation and no extra votes by a CMO, CXO, CHRO, or CTO. As many of our CX, EX, UX, and Data peers understand, each of these roles must report directly to the CEO who has a total vision of customer centricity. That’s the only way an organization can begin a continuous learning process and start to realize the full benefits of delivering exceptional customer experience.

Understand the True Voice of Employees and Customers.

All too often, frustrated companies say that CX has failed to meet financial goals and leadership expectations because of diminishing returns. Mostly because traditional CX metrics are not actionable. Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), Customer Effort Score (CES), and Likelihood to Renew or Continue to Use (LTR/LTU) typically leave you with the same question: “Now what?” Even when they’re combined with operational metrics like customer churn, customer lifetime value, cross-sell, repeat purchases, and cost-to-serve, you’re still left with the same question, quarter after quarter. Of course, adding EX metrics provides additional information on how employees are responding to CX initiatives, change and the corresponding levels of customer satisfaction, commitment, and turnover intent. But this information is still not enough and leaves us with very few actionable insights that can actually transform the organization.

Connect the Employee Experience to the Customer Experience.

Employees are the key to any successful CX endeavor within an organization. Organizations can have the best data architecture and most cutting-edge virtual customer assistants and chatbots to proactively predict behavior. But if vision, strategy, and goals are not clearly communicated and employees are not trained on these technologies, how do we expect them to buy into the new way of doing business? In 2018, Gartner suggested that CX is a people problem. While engaging employees in CX is a crucial aspect of success, it’s only one vital component of a fully operationalized CX strategy.

Create a Total Solution.

So, what’s the solution? Another open-ended question that uses text analytics, word clouds, and frequencies to analyze employee and customer sentiment? Unfortunately, word clouds and frequency counts don’t tell you where you should be making prioritized, targeted investment decisions.

But when the Decooda Imaginative Question (CX I.Q.) is used, as opposed to a “like/dislike” approach, the customer can verbalize relevant information connected to emotions, as well as cognitive states, attitudes, and belief systems. The Decooda CX I.Q. promotes engagement, verbosity, authenticity and emotional responsiveness. Here’s an example:

Imagine that a friend of yours is thinking about using Company X.  This friend trusts and values your knowledge and opinion and wants to know how you feel about Company X.  What would you say to this friend to either encourage or discourage the use of Company X?  Please be as descriptive as possible about how you feel about Company X and why you feel that way.

The advanced technology and deep experience behind that question is what makes Decooda stand out from competitors. Natural Language Understanding (NLU) is used to refine unstructured data into granular, contextual meaning. This deeper understanding lets Decooda make data actionable. Decooda gives much more than the standard KPIs and word clouds that are the basis of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant CX Implementation solutions (See Figure 1).

Traditional CX Dashbaord

Compare this with the information and prioritized insights we give you that are based on topics, emotions, and cognitive states (See Figure 2). In sum, other CX solutions that rely on frequencies to identify topics or themes that are the highest priority would have drawn a surface-level conclusion that lacked an understanding of the real meaning behind CX and EX: The Why.

Decooda Impact Analysis

Strategy and Structure: Together at Last. 

Decooda helps to build your enterprise data strategy which supports a 360-degree understanding of customers. Then, data becomes your organization’s primary weaponizable asset. In turn, enterprise data strategy helps to drive alignment between CX strategy and structure.

Understand the True Voice of Employees and Customers.

Decooda has the most advanced Deep AI solution that utilizes Cognitive Science and Natural Language Understanding to understand unstructured and structured data. This solution enables Decooda to go beyond word clouds, frequency, and sentiment and to include “Intent Analysis” and “Impact Analysis”. With this information, we are able to extract insights and provide real-time, action-driven insights to enhance the customer and employee experience.

Connect the Employee Experience to the Customer Experience.

Decooda offers the total solution by systematically engaging employees throughout the CX Transformation process. As organizations prepare for CX Transformation, we can evaluate change readiness and risks/enablers to implementation. Then, we can provide your organization with a roadmap of recommendations for success. Throughout the process, we continue to engage with your employees and leaders to evaluate the progress of CX Transformation.



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