Too Broad to be Actionable.

We’ve seen this situation all too often: The C-Suite lives and dies by the NPS score.  That easy-to-understand, but greatly oversimplified metric continually makes its way into the highest-level company presentations, including earnings reports. And every time the latest NPS score is released, the anxiety is palpable as everyone asks the inevitable next question:  Why?  Why is NPS on the decline?  Why is NPS increasing?  Why is revenue increasing while NPS has remained stable?

Everyone tries to dig into “The Why.” A lot of times, they add a simple and logical follow-up question to the survey in order to understand why NPS was moving:

Woman holding legs and deep in thought

Why do you feel that way?”

Typically, customers respond with few tangible, yet indistinct, reasons. Then, the CX team spends hours culling through the responses trying to identify the most frequent.  With this information, you can expect very broad answers, like: Too Expensive, Poor Customer Service, and Not User Friendly.  Of course, there’s some correlation between NPS and churn. And sharing some verbatim responses can lead to a lively discussion with the operational teams, but will they walk away with even one concrete investment priority? Not likely.

To respond to that lack of insight, many companies develop a business case, propose a budget, and bring in an expensive CX market research agency or consultant firm.  Then the agency develops a survey that layers on pages of questions designed to provide a detailed driver analysis.  But the truth is, these surveys measure only what the agency thinks might be important.  Customers spend up to 30 minutes completing these detailed surveys yet are never really asked what they think? Or, how they feel?  When the agency presents the results, is it surprising the three priorities they identify are still too broad to be actionable?

Frustrating as these experiences are, when you think about the lifetime value of every single customer, giving up is not an option.

Fortunately, there’s an alternative: Instead of relying on a rough score like NPS or frequency of comments, now you can measure the actual emotions that drive customers’ behavior.  In great detail.

With Decooda CX I.Q.™ Instead of asking your customers to play 20 questions, and either annoying them or wearing them out, Decooda CX I.Q. is radically different. It asks an Imaginative Question that we’ve carefully designed to draw out thoughtful, detailed responses that get to the heart of what customers are really feeling, and why. Then we use CORE™, our Artificial Intelligence technology to identify the nuances and interconnectedness of customer complaints and compliments. Our AI-based text analytics, combined with our ability to detect emotion and cognitive states, let us deliver a balanced, accurate Impact Analysis. And the Impact Analysis recommends exactly where your organization should invest time and money to improve the bottom line.


A Typical Case Study. 

One of our clients was struggling to understand why their NPS was on the decline. By using our Imaginative Question to capture the True Unfiltered Voice of the Customer, we discovered a high degree of frustration and anger among customers.  Our Impact Analysis revealed that the root cause of declining NPS scores were related to Billing Cycle Complexities and Account Management.  The chart below diagrams the interrelatedness of these causes and summarizes their hyper-specific remedies. The result was a list of investment priorities.  By addressing these issues in the recommended order, our client successfully resolved the major drivers of frustration and anger, and mitigated client churn.

chart showing changes in NPS

Revealing the root cause of NPS movements

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