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Decooda International Inc. Acquires CX Workout Platform

By February 27, 2020July 9th, 2020No Comments

Decooda International Inc. Acquires CX Workout Platform

Atlanta, GA (February 27, 2020)

Decooda International, Inc., an industry leader in understanding the “why” behind what motivates each customer’s individual behavior in the past, present and future, announced today, that it has acquired the CX Workout software platform from the Service Profit Chain Institute, adding the most powerful Journey Mapping and Journey Optimization capabilities to Decooda’s already powerful and scalable CX I.Q.™ cloud solution. CX I.Q.™ goes well beyond simple NPS and CSAT scores by linking the topics customers discuss with their associated emotions and cognitive states so companies can leverage the true unfiltered voice of the customer in the co-creation of exceptional journey experiences that generate loyalty and profitable returns.


“With CX Workout, we are now able to extend our ability to deliver the indisputable empirical evidence that companies are now demanding into the journey design and optimization process,” said David Johnson, Decooda’s CEO. “In today’s data rich and insight poor world, clients have hit the tipping point. They’ve heard all of the over-stated claims and they have a laundry list of unfulfilled promises. They are demanding that someone tell them something they don’t already know – and we can do that.”


The strategic acquisition is a victory for Decooda as it looks to expand their footprint in the CX world. CX Workout is the world’s first SaaS-based journey mapping software platform, enabling true customer co-creation, removing the traditional friction associated with co-designing solutions with customers, resulting in higher impact customer-driven innovation. CX Workout allows you to deeply understand, with the click of your mouse, exactly what is happening at any point in your customers’ journey. Customers bring their journey to life with videos and photos of their actual experience; you see their reactions; hear their voices; capture their emotions and learn their ideas for improvement; all right at your fingertips.


CX Workout enables companies to compare the employee view of the customer experience at any specific touchpoint in-the-moment with that of the actual customer view.  Gaps between a company’s perception of a customer’s experience and their real priorities and pain are revealed, allowing real- time adjustment of processes to build better satisfaction.


Joe Wheeler, CX Workout President said, “We believe this combination with Decooda will set a new standard in our industry.” Mr. Wheeler will join Decooda as the EVP of CX and Engagement Products.


About CX Workout

CX Workout began as a subsidiary of The Service Profit Chain Institute (SPCI), originally founded in 2005 by Joe Wheeler and Professors James Heskett, W. Earl Sasser and Leonard Schlesinger of Harvard Business School. Over the years, SPCI has worked with dozens of organizations across a diverse set of industries to implement Service Profit Chain concepts. CX Workout stands on the shoulders of SPCI’s landmark research and resulting insights into the new performance standards developed by leading companies, the Service Profit Chain Leaders, in their respective industries.


About Decooda

Decooda International, Inc. is a rapidly growing cognitive intelligence company that offers AI-powered genius software, APIs and services to precisely identify the outwardly facing organizational behaviors that impact customers most, so their clients always know exactly what to do next with certainty. Decooda achieves these unique insights by leveraging CORETM, the Cognitive Intelligence State Machine that is based on a combination of cutting edge linguistic-cognitive analytics, machine learning, deep learning and AI approaches to create creative applications like CX I.Q.

Founded in 2010, Decooda works with some of the biggest brands in the world, including Principal Financial Group, CVSHealth, and Proctor & Gamble.