Decooda Enables Expanded Customer Engagement Analysis with Bazaarvoice API Integration

posted Thursday, October 23, 2014 at 2:31 pm

Decooda Enables Expanded Customer Engagement Analysis with Bazaarvoice API Integration

Customers can now retrieve Bazaarvoice review data in the Decooda platform to produce a more holistic view of profitable customer engagements

Atlanta, Georgia (PRWEB) October 21, 2014 – Decooda, the leader in multi-channel consumer analysis, today announced it has integrated with the Bazaarvoice application programming interface (API) within the Decooda MC3 platform. The integration allows enterprises to extend the performance of their consumer insights and social engagement processes with an easy-to-use solution to monitor, analyze and manage ratings and reviews side-by-side with social and enterprise unstructured data.

Decooda leverages its big data convergence platform and its cognitive-linguistic text analytics engine to expose the true unfiltered voice of the customer in order to identify valuable consumer insights such as:

  •     Emotions: How consumers feel
  •     Personas: Who consumers are and how they relate to your brand
  •     Consumer Experience: How your brand is delivering against client expectations
  •     Purchase Path: How consumer experiences are aligned to sales and marketing funnel
  •     Attributes: What consumers are talking about related to your brand that influences behavior.

Marketers are quickly realizing that ratings and reviews often provide some of the most relevant and actionable information to the brand. Analyzing authentic ratings and reviews from their communities and web properties can help organizations to quickly and easily understand more about consumers and incorporate the unfiltered voice of the customer throughout the market research, marketing and consumer engagement process. Through the integration of the Bazaarvoice API, Decooda customers can automatically feed Bazaarvoice ratings and reviews directly into the Decooda MC3 Platform to enable core capabilities including:

  • Integrated Real-Time Analysis of Ratings and Reviews: push ratings and reviews directly into the Decooda MC3 platform to establish an unparalleled understanding of the consumer. Quickly and easily measure brand equity, purchase intent, loyalty, churn and add granularity to the Net Promoter ScoreTM.
  • Streamlined Ratings and Reviews Management: identify valuable ratings and reviews and take action on a review by seamlessly routing it to the correct team
  • Dynamic Coding Framework: refine standard Decooda analytics measurements or create custom detection models on the fly to detect anything in data in real-time.

“Decooda helps companies more effectively analyze and manage all consumer interactions across all social, enterprise and third-party channels”, said David Johnson, CEO of Decooda. “With the Bazaarvoice integration, we’re providing our customers the ability to not only understand what motivates consumers, but we also identify the elements of the consumer experience that have the greatest impact on results.”

About Decooda:
Decooda provides industry-leading solutions that help enterprises understand their customers through analysis of structured and unstructured data. Decooda’s integrated data convergence platform, cognitive-linguistic text analytics engine and community analytics model streamlines the convergence and analysis of all social, enterprise and third-party data. Through Decooda, everyone that has a shared interest in the voice of the customer will have access to a flexible, easy-to-use platform that improves all aspects of market research, marketing and 1:1 consumer engagement processes. Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, Decooda has operations in the US and India. To learn more about Decooda, visit