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Revealing the Human Side of the Shopping Experience – Webinar

By May 17, 2021No Comments

In this webinar, Decooda’s Chief Insights Officer, Kirsten Zapiec, and IntelliShop’s Vice President, Greg Dale, demonstrate how to take insights and turn them into outcomes through effective mystery shopping integrated with imaginative questions.

  • Moving beyond tasks, check lists and rating scale to understand how shoppers truly experience a brand.
  • Reveal specific emotions that impact future buying behavior.
  • Actively listen to and watch people tell stories about their experience.
  • Prioritize granular, nuanced actions that turn insights into outcomes.

They cover a use case in the quick service restaurant industry where an imaginative question was deployed with the following:

  • Requested at the end of every shop.
  • Shoppers tell us about their shopping experience and how it made them feel in a 2-to-3-minute video.
  • Designed to promote creativity, engagement, verbosity, and emotional responsiveness.
  • Videos provide the nuanced evidence necessary to pinpoint improvements.

Customers’ videos are vital to refining the in-store experience. These insights and more were discovered through this use case, along with all the video-based evidence needed to affect organizational change:

Help Customers Quickly Find What They Need – Especially in the age of COVID-19, making it easy for customers to find what they need is critical. Signage plays an important role in store navigation, COVID-19 precautions and pricing. Customer video informs these best practices.

Staff Visibility & Availability – Customers are understanding about the staffing challenges posed by COVID-19. However, at times, they have trouble finding help. Videos used in training to provide guidance to staff on interacting and helping customers.

Importance of Covid-19 Precautions – Any breach, customer or employee, in COVID precautions evoke negative emotions among many shoppers. Shoppers may not return once they have experienced a retail establishment not following precautions.

Prepare for a Return to Normalcy – Shoppers are ready to return to their regular shopping habits. They miss taking their time to shop. Start planning the transition now.

Contact us to learn more about how you can utilize these techniques within your own organization, or watch the complete video recording of the webinar.

You may also download the entire webinar’s presentation deck.

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