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Customer Experience Collaboration and Case Management – Made Simple

By January 12, 2021No Comments

Customer Experience Collaboration and Case Management – Made Simple

Complex case management – handled simply.

It’s usually the complex and unpredictable customer cases that make it past your automated processes and self-service channels to reach your agents. To handle them, agents need increasingly specialized knowledge—knowledge about which step is next and what information is relevant when a case takes an unscripted turn.
Traditional agent tools just can’t handle the increasing complexity efficiently. For organizations of all sizes, Decooda’s Chat-Based Case Management can!

Manage unpredictability with Decooda’s Chat-Based Case Management.

The increasing unpredictability of customer service inquiries and the need to draw on a diverse set of resources to resolve them leaves agents unprepared to resolve many situations effectively. In practice, agents have to copy and paste information across applications, resort to handling situations offline, and rely on complex instructions and notes to do their jobs. Not only are these procedures inefficient—leading to increased response and resolution times—which opens the door to inaccuracy, inconsistencies and error.
Decooda Case Management solutions solve these difficulties by enabling agents to manage customer “episodes” in the most efficient manner. The information and options relevant to the context of the interaction update dynamically in the user interface, enabling agents to progress customer requests quickly and accurately toward resolution.

Decooda Case Management.

Decooda Case Management allows agents to manage structured and unstructured customer service processes in a more transparent and auditable way. It enables agents to access knowledge and case-relevant resources without exiting from the case they are handling. It does not require all knowledge to be coded in during the design phase. To manage unpredictability and ensure efficient case handling, Decooda Case Management provides:

  • Customer Experience team members can easily collaborate with each other in real-time
  • Dynamically open private or public Task Channels to discuss emerging topics or triage specific customer feedback events Share files and documents and synch across all devices
  • Track and report on Task Channel performance leveraging the built-in governance and compliance engine
  • Track and view Task Channel journeys based on aging and status (open/closed)
  • Identify hot-spot (wow and boom) moments of truth that deserve attention
  • Leverage insights to facilitate all Customer Experience discussions
  • Prioritize investments based on empirical “real-world” evidence

Be confident in an unpredictable world.

Decooda Case Management enables agents to take each call with confidence and ensure best-in-class customer service experiences. Rather than focusing on training costs, empowered service managers can now focus on customer satisfaction. Decooda Case Management is fueled by an adaptive desktop and by knowledge-infused processes that make every agent your best.