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Cultivating a customer-centric culture with Decooda Impact Analysis

By December 1, 2020No Comments

Cultivating a customer-centric culture with Decooda Impact Analysis

One of the biggest challenges companies face is getting their teams to embrace a culture of customer advocacy. The Decooda Impact Analysis reveals the granular emotions and cognitive insights of the customer experience that get everyone on the team aligned to the needs of the customer.

How your customers feel is the most significant factor to your Customer Experience success.

Many approaches rely on topic frequency or word pairs to identify issues or themes to focus on. However, Decooda understands that just because people talk about a topic a lot does not necessarily mean that those topics are important, or that they will influence customer behavior. For example, the frequency analysis below would suggest that topics A, B, C and D are the highest priority topics because those topics are discussed more than topics E through J.

However, by analyzing customer responses to a single Imaginative Question, Decooda’s proprietary Cognitive Analytics engine reveals each customer’s emotions, their persona, the quality of their experience and their stage in the path to purchase. We link these insights to the topics they discuss, allowing us to distinguish between what people talk about most and what actually influences their interests and behaviors in real-time – we call this the “Impact Analysis.”

The result of our Impact Analysis reveals that topics B and D, in the upper-right quadrant of the chart, are the highest priority topics that need attention, followed by G, E and F. Surprisingly, topics A and C may not be addressed at all, because while they are discussed often, they have little or no impact on customer behavior.

Why is the Impact Analysis so important? It’s simple. When organizations lack clarity and confidence in their insights, volume becomes the fallback investment decision criteria, primarily because it’s tangible. The problem is that investments based on frequency and volume generally yield little or no results, which complicates the process of correlating ALL investments with performance improvement.

However, perhaps the biggest impact to the organization is when financial and resource investments are made and goals are not achieved. Or, worse yet, the organization takes a step backward. These results diminish the confidence of the organization, which leads to lack of buy-in and support for CX initiatives, making it nearly impossible to achieve a culture of customer advocacy.

Our Impact Analysis provides a unique and valuable perspective on what specifically drives customer behavior. And, our Chat-Based Collaboration and Case Management capabilities, with its embedded auditing, compliance and governance engine, tracks how organizations consume and react to the dashboards and customer feedback. By linking customer insights and feedback with the organization’s response, Decooda understands each customer’s state-of-mind in real-time. This inspires every level of an organization to embrace a culture of customer advocacy.