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posted Friday, August 1, 2014 at 7:05 pm

Decooda Insights

The big data problem.

One of the significant challenges that brand marketers face is trying to extract meaningful insights from social media and enterprise discourse in real-time.  This is a bigger problem than you might know. 1.8 trillion gigabytes of content are generated annually.  With the explosion of social media and high-velocity communications, organizations now have many more customer “touch points” that they need to monitor in order to keep their finger on the pulse of the market, including: Facebook, Twitter, blogs, forums, on-line community panels and verbatim responses to survey questions, to name just a few.  Until now, companies have had to make the difficult choice between basic automated sentiment analysis solutions or hand-crafted consulting engagements where PhDs comb over small samples of data and produce written narratives to express “market insights” to the brand marketer.

Decooda to the rescue.

Decooda saw this as an opportunity and is now turning the market on its head.  We have taken on the burden of doing the heavy lifting by automating the end-to-end data analysis process brand marketers and market researchers go through in order to capture high-value insights, including: understanding conversational themes, the context of all communications, author state-of-mind, underlying emotions, persona, purchase path and predicted behaviors across all brand-related communications.  Further, we don’t just do this for small samples of data, we do this for ALL types of communications, across ALL channels, in real-time.

How to turn big data into valuable insights.

As you can see in the following illustrations, we ingest, clean and prepare your data to be processed.  Decooda can ingest, integrate and analyze public social media data, private social media data, enterprise data, and data from other social media data providers, including: Radian6TM, NetBaseTM, SysomosTM, Crimson HexagonTM, AlterianTM, and almost all other providers. 


Next, each client assigns the unique processing instructions for their content, including selecting which cognitive and linguistic sentiment analytics algorithms they’d like the “Decooda Machine” to run against their data in order to measure discrete individual and post level measures not available with other social media analytics solutions.

At its core, the Decooda Machine is a proprietary “big data” massive parallel processing grid platform that outperforms Hadoop on batch processing and every other platform on streaming processing.  There are several unique benefits our platform offers, which we will be discussing in subsequent posts. Here are just a few of our incredible capabilities:

  • Super-simple and adaptable – making it a breeze to meet unique client workflows
  • Better insights, faster – analyze ALL data in real-time
  • Delivers best user experience – real-time
  • Lowest operating cost
  • Unprecedented performance
  • One platform that seamlessly weaves together batch and streaming processing

Clients can choose from our vast array of linguistic and cognitive analytics in the Decooda Plug-in Library (some illustrated below).  These fine-grain measures provide a window into the head of the author at the “topic” level so that brand marketers can understand why market events are unfolding as they do.  If we don’t have the algorithm you need, we will create one for you, or you or your agency can create one that can be added to the Decooda Plug-in Library.

Triangle 1

Good sentiment vs. bad sentiment.

Clients are telling us that social media analytics providers that claim to do sentiment do so at an abstracted level that causes too many false positives, and is therefore, unreliable.  Further, little attention is being paid to understanding the underlying emotions, which when accurately measured tell us much more about the state-of-mind and predicted behaviors.

Leveraging our proprietary cognitive and linguistic analytics algorithms and big-data platform, we will do the heavy lifting by automating the end-to-end data analysis process for brand marketers and market researchers. Specifically, we will help clients understand why certain emotions impact how customers think, feel, and act towards the products they’ve purchased and use, and most importantly, how those thoughts and feelings translate into behavior (i.e., return the product, recommend to friends, tweet about the product, etc.).

From these rich datasets, we can generate models of human behavior.  For example, we know that, in general, women in their 30s with X education, Y income, and living in Z region are likely to experience A, B, & C emotions toward products, which translate in to “n” behaviors.  It is this level of analysis that allows brand marketers to accomplish the following:

  • Perform “topic” level analysis
  • Measure author state-of-mind
  • Measure underlying emotions
  • Personas
  • Purchase Path
  • Predict behaviors
  • Monitor the social and enterprise landscape for any combination of discrete variables: topic, state-of-mind, emotions, demographics, personality, etc.
  • Trended analysis of the social and enterprise landscape
  • Understand how to engage in a relevant manner with the targeted audience in order to drive optimal results

Decooda can add valuable insights to your social media workflow.

So, if you want the craziness to end, call Decooda today. We will help you get the most out of your current sentiment analysis initiatives. Or, if you’re just starting your social media analysis journey, we’ll help you deploy a solution that will insure you get the valuable insights you want, when you want them, at an affordable price.

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