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Behaviors Matter and They’re Predicted by Emotions

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Behaviors Matter and They’re Predicted by Emotions

Thank you for writing this Jeanne! We couldn’t agree more.

You make a good case for a point we are trying to communicate in the marketplace.

Not only do CX campaigns and approaches need to be emotionally engaging to be successful, but businesses also need to be able to detect customer emotions within their CX platform with high precision (when you detect an emotion, it is what you say it is) and high recall (you see all occurrences of every emotion).  Unfortunately, most NLP, machine learning and sentiment analysis text analytics solutions have significant blind spots.

To your point, customer satisfaction has gone down, and it has gone down in the face of investments in CX related technology and initiatives, too.  These failures are often attributed to lack of executive commitment, cultural issues, or other “soft” issues that are difficult to empirically quantify.  Our perspective is different. While we believe “soft” issues are significant contributing factors that stand in the way of long-term sustainable success, we believe that buy-in and customer alignment is gated by a lack of “empirical evidence” that is necessary to get people to lean-in to embracing a culture of customer advocacy without coercion.

To be sure, many executives are disappointed. They have made significant investments in CX technology and the claims of most of the CX platform providers have not materialized. If you look to the core of the issue, the low level of accuracy and the abstracted view of the data often tells them nothing more than they already know. Gartner calls this the “Trough of Disillusionment.” To some extent, I believe leadership teams have been a convenient scape-goat for CX success by technology and consulting firms.  However, the reality is that if CX vendors were delivering high-quality empirical evidence that executive and operational CX teams had confidence in, the organization would lean-in organically.  The challenge is that when people don’t believe, it is very difficult to get their support.

They say that it took 96.2% of the fuel to get the Space Shuttle ONE FOOT off the ground. I liken the challenge to getting buy-in to CX to the challenge the Space Shuttle had in breaking free from the gravitational force of Earth: You need a lot of fuel (empirical evidence).