Beyond the numbers, beyond the obvious, Decooda’s proprietary big data platform and cognitive analytics engine delivers actionable insights that help shape more intelligent engagement. By analyzing unstructured and structured data in real-time, you can reveal the whole story of the customer. We uncover how consumers think, feel and act about your product, experience or brand – and use that knowledge to generate ROI. With Decooda you can:

  • Embed your agency’s domain knowledge and subject matter expertise in Decooda’s platform to create a differentiated big data insights platform for your client. Create a custom platform for your clients that you can use to generate income adding value and enhancing satisfaction for client.
  • Utilize a Decooda’s big data platform where all data from all your brands sits in one place and can be quickly and easily analyzed. This is plug-and-play. Big data analytics in a box.
  • Track brand health, monitor campaign performance and measure investment effectiveness.
  • Produce rich market research insights that identifies the drivers that influence consumer emotions, state of mind and predicts behavior.
"We created a sophisticated framework for detecting consumer motivations in a matter of days…"
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