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Every Customer’s State of Mind in Real Time

Decooda tells you the “why” behind what motivates each customer, individually, in the past, present and future, so you can create exceptional experiences that generate profitable returns. Let our simple, AI-powered genius software, APIs and services precisely identify your organization’s outward-facing behaviors that impact your customers most, so you always know exactly what to do next with certainty.

Forrester Cites CXWorkout as a Leader in The Forrester WAVETM: Journey Mapping, Q2 2020

CX Workout is “..a good fit for firms already familiar with journey mapping that are using a VoC platform like Medallia or Qualtrics and are looking to add journey visualization to bring the journey to life through a rich media narrative and online collaboration.”

Automation that can read, hear and see exactly what your customers are saying at every moment.

Decooda can analyze any text, audio or video content to reveal better insights. Companies that want to be leaders, and develop relevant, meaningful relationships with their customers can achieve insights they never thought were possible by using our conversational Imaginative Question engagement methodology and our AI text, audio and video analysis software, APIs and services.

Always know the coordinates of where the action is taking place (your true north).

There is often a significant amount of cognitive dissonance between what companies believe they are delivering to their customers and what their customers believe they are getting. Decooda bridges the divide in a collaborative journey design process that leads to an accurate understanding of where our clients should focus their attention.

Identify what matters most, and know why.

Decooda clients can now sift through all digital content, online behaviors, and offline behaviors in real-time to undertstand how a customer’s state-of-mind is shaped by the emotions generated by one or many customers experiences, thereby, revealing the organization’s outwardly-facing behaviors that are the root cause of changes in the customer’s state-of-mind.

Make investments that produce measurable results.

The $64K question is: Where do I land the dollars so they have the maximum impact? Decooda pinpoints the journey points that need attention, the triggers that influence customer behaviors and an understanding of what aspects of your organization’s products, services and the experiences that are the root cause of customer behaviors, revenue and profitability. The result, all of these inputs inform Decooda’s proprietary, patent-pending Impact Analysis that precisely identifies the priorities that are worthy of investment, the economic impact and the relative effort to achieve the results.

  • Operations – Pinpoint where organizational inefficiencies and operating practices exist that diminish the quality of customer experiences
  • Cost – Identify ways to deliver exceptional experiences with the least amount of effort and investment
  • Revenue – Understand how to create individualized experiences for each customer that preempt switching and churn behavior and increase customer lifecycle value
  • Customer 1st Culture – See how empirical customer evidence (revenue, cost, effort and loyalty) can get your organization to lean-in and embrace a culture of customer centricity. Change starts by understanding and believing.

Data Ingestion, Integration and Unification

How It All Works

State of Mind

Tell me the state of our relationship.

A single customer touchpoint or experience is not a relationship. Relationships generally ebb and flow. Over time, each customer experience can increment, decrement or have no impact on the long-term quality of the relationship between a company and their customers. Decooda helps our clients maintain an up to the second understanding of the status of each individual customer’s state-of-mind. This visibility allows us to understand the context of the experience, customer expectations and how to communicate…so we know exactly what to do next with confidence.

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Our Products

Prescriptive analytics that show you how people will act, why, and what to do about it.

The survey solution that delivers better answers by asking better questions.

A community where you share ideas about what makes customers tick; engage with CX thought leaders, without being sold to.

Leverage the power of artificial intelligence, cognitive science, and text analytics, all in a single platform.

Every customer’s state of mind in real-time with Decooda