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Cognitive Text Mining and Big Data Analytics

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Is your data telling you

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The tsunami of data in business today can swamp you before you even have a chance to react. Only Decooda’s industry leading solutions support the analysis of all types and volumes of social media, research and enterprise data to uncover the whole story behind your big data in real-time.  We listen for both strong and weak signals to identify the biggest “ah-ha’s.” The result is richer, more accurate insights that can help you understand how consumers think, feel and act about your product or brand…and what to do about it.

Are you tired of fragmented insights

that lead to nothing more than educated guesses?

Decooda’s industry-leading platform empowers you to take control of the tsunami of data crushing your organization.  Our integrated big data convergence platform, cognitive-linguistic text analytics engine and community analytics model shop streamlines the convergence and analysis of all social, enterprise and third-party data. For the first time, everyone in the organization that has a shared interest in the voice of the customer will have access to one flexible, easy to use platform that improves all aspects of market research, marketing and 1:1 consumer engagement.

The Perfect One Question Survey

By having customer answer just one question, we’ll demonstrate how we can expose what your customers are talking about in context, while also identifying which characteristics of your product or the experience influence the customers state-of-mind, their emotions and purchase intent.

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Bring new value to your clients by using big data to create differentiated and valuable consumer insights. Your unique knowledge and skills combined with the Decooda platform will drive customers to prefer your services above all others.

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See how Decooda can quickly and easily help you unearth the “ah-ha’s” within massive volumes of data using automated processes and fewer man hours, letting you respond to business questions and needs before they even ask.

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Gain transparency and get to the unbiased truth in your tsunami of data. The Decooda platform provides you with the “whole story” because the platform supports everyone with a shared interest in the voice of the customer. Now you can confidently get answers to your most pressing questions.

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Revealing The True Unfiltered Voice Of The Customer With One Question – Amber Strain, Ph.D.


The Perfect One Question Survey


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