Make 2018 the year that you simplify your CX strategy with Decooda

Is your CX survey diminishing the perception of your brand and still not giving you the insights you need – then you need Decooda. Your customers will love our IMAGINATIVE one question survey technique, and the executive team will love the insights we produce.


Join the Movement: Stop Surveys that Suck

Join the Movement: Stop Surveys that Suck The recent Forrester CX Index study shows CX scores declined for two out of three brands from 2016 to 2017, and all categories showed declines as a whole. However, when you go to the CX vendors sites and look at their case studies, one would be left to believe – all is well.

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Customer Experience: Make it simple, make it better.

When you know exactly what motivates your customers’ behavior – you know what to focus on. Journeys, heat maps and word pairs alone won’t get you there. Decooda will. We simplify Customer Experience and make it easy to understand. This short video gives you a glimpse at what’s possible with Decooda.


Text Analytics Challenges

Text Analytics Challenges David Johnson, CEO of Decooda, breaks down the challenges of some text analytics tools. Specifically, he reviews some of the limitations of Sentiment Analysis, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning in order to help senior executives understand why their insights are not actionable.

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