Decooda CX I.Q. – Creating a wave of disruption in a sea of sameness

Decooda CX I.Q. – Creating a wave of disruption in a sea of sameness.

As the marketing lead for Decooda, I am responsible for outbound messaging. But in order to build effective messaging, I first had to listen. So, I listened. A lot. I listened to CMOs tell me they’re frustrated with their current CX provider. I listened to Voice of the Customer executives tell me they don’t trust the data they get from their current CX platform. And, I listened to CX consultants say that surveys are dead.

I’ve listened.

And, I get it.

In this sea of sameness, how can you determine what’s different about Decooda. On the surface, we look like all the other CX platform providers.

I get it. Decooda is a new player in a saturated market where frustration runs high.

But, Decooda is so different.

At Decooda, we hate surveys, too. So we just ask one carefully crafted imaginative question that puts people into a creative state a mind so they share not only features and benefits about your product, service or experience – but they also share how it makes them feel. And that is the biggest difference in the Decooda CX I.Q. solution. We analyze all the way down to the emotions that customers feel, without dumbing down the data, so we understand what drives their behavior. Without that – you’re just looking at word pairs and heat maps to make broad assumptions.

Decooda provides actionable insights so you can put together a clear plan that your team can have confidence in because we will show you the data that supports the findings. We don’t provide a high-level executive summary and ask you to just believe – we prove everything with facts that simply cannot be disputed.

We help you build an action plan that is attainable – not one that is so broad in scope that no one really knows what to do next – oh no, not Decooda. We provide a clear plan with clear benchmarks and achievable results.

And, once the action plan to improve customer satisfaction is built, we provide the tools you and your team need to track it’s progress all the way to building agendas for team meetings.

So, to all you frustrated CMOs, VoCs and anyone else who needs to improve customer satisfaction for your business…you should give us a call. You can reach me at 404-819-7449, or email me at For you shy types, just click on the Request a Demo link on the website so we can get in touch with.

I sincerely hope to chat with you soon!

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